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Introduction :

The Vasai Fort, Mumbai situated in Mumbai was established by the Portuguese as the headquarters of their Indian operations in 1534. This fort was earlier known as the Bassein Fort. This fort is precisely located in North Mumbai near Vasai. The Portuguese used this fort for their operations in India till 1739. Now the fort has turned into ruins. But these ruins still stand as the reminder of their occupation on the islands. But there is a contrary view to this history. Some say that Bahadur Shah who was the sultan of Gujarat built this fort. It was built so as to guard the coast against the Portuguese and the pirates. But this fort fell into the hands of the Portuguese then into the hands of the Marathas and then in the hands of the British.

The Fort :

Vasai Fort, Mumbai is very large. There main gate of this fort leads to a small courtyard from where one can climb the ramparts to take a look around which reveals the numerous old structures of the fort which has now turned to ruins. Though most of the part of this fort has turned into ruins still the floor plans give a good idea of the structures that were built by Portuguese. There are certain well-preserved facades, which are very well decorated with carved stones. But there are some, which have weathered beyond recognition. There are three chapels inside the fort, which are still recognizable. The southernmost of these has a well-preserved barrel vaulted ceiling.

History of Vasai Fort :

Vasai Fort, Mumbai was earlier used for building ships in the 15 th century. It was a strategic place in the western coast of India. The Portuguese understood the importance and captured the fort and remodeled it according to their wish. Nowadays most of the part of this fort is in ruins. Most of the walls are hidden by the brushwood and palm groves. The roots of these trees have damaged a lot of the portion of this fort.
This fort needs a lot of attention so as to protect the last remains of this fort so as to preserve the glorious past of India.


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